Our association - our aims

The largest women's concentration camp in National Socialist Germany was situated in Fürstenberg-Ravensbrück. Our aim is to keep alive the memory of the victims and take part in humanitarian aid projects for the survivors. We keep in touch with them and their families, and take care of their needs when they visit Fürstenberg-Ravensbrück.

We organize projects, with particular emphasis on working with young people. We stress the importance of studying the era of National Socialism and dealing with its history. Therefore, we see the present-day memorial "Ravensbrück" also as a place of teaching and learning. The things that happened here commit us to watchfulness and to combatting totalitarianism, racism, intolerance and Neo-Nazism.


Mahnmal | Die Tragende - Fritz Cremer am Schwedtsee, Blick über den See auf Fürstenberg (Silouette)
Memorial - Die Tragende - Will Lammert

Remembering and Reminding

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The Ravensbück women's concentration camp, situated 80 kilometres north of Berlin, was established in 1939. More than 130,000 women from numerous European countries were imprisoned here. About 30,000 did not survive forced labour, hunger, disease and medical experiments. Thousands were murdered.

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Helping - the "House of Hope"

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We have a bond of friendship with the "Invalids' Association of Former Concentration Camp Internees and Forced Labourers" in Simferopol (Crimea-Ukraine). During the war many of its members were imprisoned in the Ravensbrück concentration camp. Our association provides them with humanitarian aid.

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Establishing contacts

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We keep in touch with survivors of concentration camps and cooperate with various organisations. Working together with the survivors, we prepare teaching projects for schools. Young people should learn from the past. Theirs is the responsibility for a future without war and hostility, for a society with mutual respect and solidarity.

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